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the following terms of use (“Terms of Use”) rule the access on and the use of our platform (“Platform”) – accessible from the website (“Site”) – and the services offered therein (“Services”). The Platfom as well as the Services are provided by Mill & Partner GmbH, with registered seat at Mellingen, Grosse Kirchgasse 4, 5507 - Switzerland (“We” or “Mill & Partner”)

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    • Your presence on the Platform – even if it follows a casual access – constitutes full acceptance of the present Terms of Use.
    • Please note that we may modify or update all or part of the present Terms of Use at any time by posting a new version on the Platform. It is understood that the relevant changes will be effective upon their publication.

We therefore invite you to check the content of the Terms of Use regularly to be updated on how to use the Platform.

    • By browsing the pages of the Site (“Site Navigation”), you will be able
  • view our story,
  • browse our products as well as our lookbooks and press releases;
  • contact Us at the addresses provided in the Platform to obtain further information on our products and services;
    • In addition to the Site Navigation, you may use the Platform to request further services (“Additional Services”) - such as creation of your personal account (“Registration to the Platform”), purchase of our products (as registered user or as a guest), subscription to our newsletter.
    • Please remind that the Site Navigation is not aimed at the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services electronically but only to give visibility to the products and services offered by Us.
    • You can freely access the Platform, browse and view its pages, communicate with Us and access to the content offered (such as the texts and images published therein – “Content”).
    • However, remember that any action you take on the Platform (such as download of images or quotation of texts) shall comply with current legislation and our rights. As consequence, you shall be responsible for any use of the Platform and its Content contrary to the normal use of the Services as specified in Article 2 - Services .
    • In particular, we remind you that, by accessing the Platform, you shall refrain from: (i) using software programs or other automatic or manual mechanisms to copy or access the pages of the Platform or their Content without our express, written permission; (ii) taking any action that would cause an unreasonable overload of activity on the Platform’s technological infrastructure or our computer systems; (iii) coping, reproducing, altering, modifying or disclosing the Content without our express written permission or that of the third party owner of the intellectual property rights; (iv) using any mechanism, software or process that interferes with the proper working of the Platform; (v) circumventing any automatic search engine filtering systems (robots) or other procedures adopted by us to prevent or restrict access to the Platform.
    • Please note that the Platform is provided “as is” and that therefore:
      1. its operation may be subject to interruptions or errors due to internet connection or malfunctions. If you experience any problems in browsing the Site, please contact your Internet Services Provider and check that any Internet connection equipment – including your browser software – is fully functional.
      2. the Services may not meet your expectations;
      3. We may have to modify, suspend or discontinue certain features related to the Services for technical or organizational reasons.
    • In addition to browsing the Site, you may take advantage of the following Additional Services:
  • creation of your personal account (“Registration to the Platform”);
  • purchase of our products (as registered user or as a guest);
  • subscription to our newsletter.
    • To those purposes, you must:
    • fill in and submit the appropriate forms. We will ask you to provide some of your personal data, marking those whose provision is mandatory (e.g. personal and contact data). Remember that the e-mail address provided and the password chosen during the registration process constitute your login credentials;
    • read the statement on the processing of personal data relating to the creation of an account, confirming this by checking the appropriate box (“I have read the privacy policy” or similar). In default, you will not be able to send us the registration form and, therefore, We will not be able to process your request;
    • express or deny one or more consents to allow Us to process your data for further purposes to those necessary to provide the service(s) requested. For the effects resulting from the denial of consent, please refer to the statement on data processing related to the Service(s) requested;
    • where required, accept, by checking the appropriate box, the Terms of Sale.
    • Please be aware that:
      1. the requests you send to us regarding the placing of a purchase order or the registration of a profile on the Platform are not binding for Us until We provide you with confirmation (of shipment or registration) by e-mail;
      2. your access credentials: as such, this information is strictly personal and you must keep it carefully and diligently, keeping it secret.
      3. if your account with the Site is not confirmed or remains inactive for a period of more than two years, we may delete it.
    • By using our Services, you warrant to:
  • be of legal age;
  • not attempt to circumvent the Platform’s security measures or hack the network;
  • not to use the Platform for any purpose other than for the same Platform;
  • not engage in any illegal activity in connection with the use of the Platform and its Services;
  • provide, where requested, true, correct, and complete information.
    • In case of violation of the above, you shall be liable for any claims – including claims for damages – made by third parties regarding the infringement of their rights.
    • In addition, if you enter incorrect or invalid data in the forms on the Platform (for example, incorrect e-mail addresses) or you do not update them, We will not be responsible for any inefficiency resulting from such incorrect information.
    • In addition to the foregoing, subject to Section 9 – Violation of the Terms of Use, We reserve the right to ban you from accessing the Services and delete your account if we determine that you are in material breach of any provision of these Terms of Use, including:
  • failure to update data;
  • unlawful provision of data (for example, by indicating untruthful data or data belonging to others);
  • use of the Platform in a way that is distorted with respect to what is foreseen herein or for illicit purposes.
  1. TERMS OF SALE – Referral
    • We care about the security of the data that you will provide Us and, for this reason, We will process them in full compliance with the provisions of current legislation, as indicated in the statement regarding the Site Navigation (for your better reference, click here) and in those relating to the various services offered.
    • “Millé Milano” trademark (both in its verbal and graphic form) and further signs, the domain name (and all other URLs referring to these domains), the company name “Mill & Partner” and all related signs, the Platform, its graphics, the texts and the images published therein are owned by or licensed to Us and are protected by national and international laws on property rights and other laws on intellectual and industrial property (“Intellectual Property”).
    • The publication, distribution, visualization, modification, creation of derivative works and manipulation of the Contents (see Article 3 – Site Navigation) or of the Intellectual Property, in any form whatsoever, are strictly forbidden without written authorization from us or the third party owner.
    • That said, for personal and non-commercial purposes only, you may view the content of the Platform – on a PC, tablet or smartphone -, store it in electronic form on a disk (but not on a server or on a storage device connected to a network) and print a copy. In this case, take care to indicate or report to whom the relevant copyrights and industrial property rights belong.
    • The names of third parties products, as well as the corporate names and distinctive signs of the same, even if they represent trademarks, registered or unregistered, present on the Site are the exclusive property of their respective owners. We therefore invite you to contact these third parties directly if you intend to use these signs.
    • If you engage in conduct that does not comply with these Terms of Use or otherwise violate them, We will take all steps and measures, including judicial action, to promptly remove it.
    • By way of example only, We may: terminate any relationship, commercial or otherwise, with you; restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the Services; delay access or delete saved content; charge fees related to closed listings; delete unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been inactive for more than two years.
    • It is understood that you shall remain solely responsible for any of your conducts that is in violation of these Terms of Use, infringes the rights of third parties or violates applicable law.
    • In any case, We reserve the right to report misconduct to the competent Police Authorities and to act for compensation for all damages, economic or otherwise, possibly suffered.
    • These Terms of Use and the documents related to them represent the entire agreement between the users of the Platform, and so even you, and Us regarding the Site Navigation and the use of other Services (with the sole exception of the purchase of products that will be ruled the Terms of Sale), there being no other document that may derogate from, supplement and modify the general and specific rules for the use of such Services.
    • Any waiver of these Terms of Use and related documents must be in writing and signed by you and Us.
    • If any provision is found to be invalid or ineffective, any such invalidity or ineffectiveness shall not extend to the remaining provisions of the contract.
    • Except as otherwise specifically provided to you from time to time, you shall send all legal and contractual notices to our registered office as set out above.
    • Failure to exercise any of our rights shall not constitute a waiver of any claim for breach of the present Terms of Use.
    • The applicable law to these Terms of Use – as well as to all legal relations existing between the users of the Platform and US in relation to the Services offered by the Platform – is Italian law, with the express exclusion of the rules of international private law relating to conflicts of laws.
    • If you are acting as a consumer, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6, 2005, Articles 66 et seq:
      1. any dispute relating to the application, execution or interpretation of these Terms of Use will be under the jurisdiction of the judge of the place where you reside or have elected domicile if located in Italian territory;
      2. any dispute relating, directly or indirectly, to the conclusion, execution, interpretation and termination of business relationships arising from the use of services offered by the Platform that cannot be resolved amicably may be referred to bodies for alternative dispute resolution (ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution).

For these purposes, please note that you can also access the settlement services made available by the European Union through the online platform