Our Production

Made by hand in Milan – Designed in Milan

High Standard

From day one the Millé collection has been designed and made in Milan, Italy by trusted Italian master artisans. Our Must-have pieces like “Maxi Nana” or “Midi Maria” are made of finest Italian tweed and all fringes are hand-made, following a five step hand-made production technique. To achieve this level of production technique we are cooperating with specialized Italian master artisans.

Millé products are created with natural beauty and high quality in mind. A true prime piece handmade with tailored features. Designed and tailored in Milan by the best Italian craftsmen, well-known for their ethical production standards and high quality finishing processing. Each Millé tweed jacket is handmade from 100% fine Italian tweed.


Carefully-chosen precious fabrics, sophisticated colour tones and prints, great cuts and eye catching finishing touches are the essence of Millé Milano designs. Putting style before trends, we create our collections for women who prefer timeless look and seek quality in their choice of wardrobe.