Interview with Kristina Butturini – fashion consulting

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Kristina Butturini founder of showroom Butturini - fashion consulting in Milan

Kristina has always been passionate about fashion, about the possibility of combining everything that fashion systems can give…. She has always looked after her style and her desire to express her soul.

After completing her academic studies she approached the fashion world from the most glamorous of beginnings, the catwalks to arrive at the most interesting commercial realities.

More and more attracted to the fashion world, she opened her Milan headquarters in the Tortona area, long before followers of fashion discovered this bohemian neighbourhood in Milan. Her showroom has set the accessory trends for more than 20 years and now her consulting activity is repeating the successes already desired.

MilléMilano: How would you describe your fashion style?

The fashion system is giving us lots of possibilities to show our soul. My challenge is to show the best of each person by demonstrating their most exclusive and beautiful side.
For me the most important thing is the proportion between everything connected with fashion…….hats, glasses, bags, trousers, skirts and shoes………they have their own language…….their language is like poetry. I never had any problem to describe what I wear or what I give somebody to wear. I like eccentricity.

MilléMilano: Your favorite colour palette?

I can use pink as well as black without any problem.
There is no colour that a woman cannot wear. It depends a lot on her attitude…..

MilléMilano: Your secret instant style tips?

High heels, red lipstick, long coat…….

MilléMilano: How to wear lace?

To take ourselves seriously, we need to wear lace. Lace is the strategy to show how we are fashionable inside.

MilléMilano: Mini or Maxi dress?

Kristina: Mini

Kristina's showroom coats
Kristina's show room shoes

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