Our production

Created by Hand in Milan – Designed in Milan

High Standard

From day one the Millé collection has been designed and made in Milan, Italy by trusted Italian master artisans. Our Must-have pieces like “Maxi Nana” or “Midi Maria” are made of finest Italian tweed and all fringes are hand-made, following a five step hand-made production technique. To achieve this level of production technique we are cooperating with specialized Italian master artisans.

Millé products are created with natural beauty and high quality in mind. A true prime piece handmade with tailored features. Designed and tailored in Milan by the best Italian craftsmen, well-known for their ethical production standards and high quality finishing processing. Each Millé tweed jacket is handmade from 100% fine Italian tweed.


Preziosi tessuti accuratamente scelti, grande taglio e finiture che catturano l’attenzione sono l’essenza delle creazioni Millè Milano. Ponendo lo stile al di sopra delle tendenze, creiamo le nostre collezioni per donne che preferiscono un look senza tempo e cercano la qualità per il loro guardaroba.