Women’s Tweed Jacket

The women’s tweed jacket is an item of clothing that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of those who want to combine elegance with comfort. Unlike what one might think, this fabric is in fact capable of giving a refined and charming look, without the wearer feeling clumsy or limited in her movements.

The origins of the tweed jacket

Tweed is an original fabric from Scotland, where it has been used from time immemorial for quality and very precious yarns. Tweed was introduced into the world of high fashion thanks to Coco Chanel, who used it as the main fabric of her women’s collection. From that moment on, tweed has become an element used by all those who wish to wear a versatile item of clothing characterized by timeless elegance.

Nowadays it is actually used in the most diverse contexts: from office to gala evenings. One of the secrets of tweed’s success surely lies in its versatility and the ability to make any look current and elegant. Whether combined with a sportier or more formal garment, the tweed jacket can be best used in the most diverse situations.

Women’s tweed jackets and blazers

Just like tweed jackets, women’s tweed blazers can be an item of clothing easily suiting the most diverse combinations. It is an elegant garment that, if properly matched, can be a precious ally both for office days and for more formal contexts: in either way, thanks to its comfort, the wearer will always feel in the right place at the right time.

Millé Milano Tweed Jackets and Blazers

Millé Milano makes use of the finest tweed in order to create items of clothing characterized by elegance and quality that lasts over time. Inspired by the history and unique tradition of tweed, Mariana Mill – founder and CDO – has managed to conceive a modern conception of this classic material, making it one of her cornerstones: the choice of creating women’s tweed jackets and tweed blazers is absolutely consistent with this stylistic philosophy. Her clothing lines are designed and dedicated to a working woman who does not want to give up style and comfort. Due to its history, tweed proves to be a fabric capable of expressing and embodying these needs.

Apart from tweed, Millé Milano is a clothing brand that uses various other materials of absolute quality: each of them is carefully selected and enhanced by handmade stitching. All our products are designed in Milan and produced in Italy by artisans who have contributed to making Made in Italy famous and prestigious. The Italian Sartorial Concept finds its maximum expression in the tweed jackets and tweed blazers for women by Millé Milano, as it is capable of combining the values of Made in Italy and the trends from the high fashion catwalks.