Women’s clothing

Millé Milano, timeless quality garments with a modern design

Millé Milano is a high quality women's clothing brand: the selection of refined raw materials and the finishes made entirely by hand give our collections a timeless charm. Our brand is designed by a woman for women: Mariana Mill, founder and CDO of Millé Milano, was led by her own needs and was thus able to create timeless garments, characterized by descreet but noticeable luxury, and capable of creating an elegant look even during the busiest days.

The desire and the aim to combine the elegance of “must have” garments, such as jackets, coats and tweed dresses, with a touch of modernity are the elements that distinguish our women's clothing lines. Blazers, blouses, coats, dresses, skirts, trousers and loungewear are just some of the proposals you can choose from. The high quality of women's clothing – and in particular of our tweed, silk, virgin wool and other natural fibers, entirely made in the name and enhancement of the most authentic Made in Italy – emerges in hand-made finishes and fine materials. However, these features do not affect the price.

In each of its creations, Millé Milano expresses the Italian Sartorial Concept, which consists of meticulous attention to details and finishes: in addition, the entire production of the garments – from design to packaging – takes place in Milan, the beating heart of fashion.

Millé Milano's fashion is conceived by the founder of the brand itself for a career and working woman. Therefore, we offer a series of women's clothing that combine elegance and style never forgetting the most actual trends. Each of our proposals – from blazers to coats, from dresses to skirts and trousers, through lounge-ware – is specifically designed to make women feel confident and appropriate to their context, with a nod to the catwalks of high fashion.

Millé Milano women's clothing is to be considered as an expression of Made in Italy and, in particular, of the timeless prestige of Milan: each garment is created and packaged thanks to the skillful and creative union of the taste of Mariana Mill, able to express the elegance of the Italian sartorial concept, devoted to the conception of quality garments, whose hand-made finishes reveal an attentive eye to current trends.